What being a parent taught me about God

By Violetta Reum Less than two weeks ago, my son, Dominik, turned 10 months old. It has been an incredible journey of being a parent. I have been surprised by how truly difficult it is and how unmanageable my life seems at times. I have been surprised by how exponentially and magically my heart has … Continue reading What being a parent taught me about God



By Morgan Petit-Homme I spent a little time thinking about what thankfulness really meant to me. If I'm honest, I've never really gotten a good grasp on the idea of "prayers of Thanksgiving". It always sounded like a great idea; it always sounded so powerful and important. I'd wonder what that was supposed to look … Continue reading Thanksgiving


By Violetta Reum It is Thanksgiving week in the United States right now and it is one of my most favorite holidays of the year. The fall is coming to an end, welcoming in the winter and with it, the Christmas season. Thanksgiving brings families and friends together to celebrate, feast and be thankful for … Continue reading Thankfulness