Dear White People; here are some resources

By Violetta Reum The last couple weeks have been incredibly difficult for our country. As protesters rise up and demand that Black lives be protected in America and for police brutality to end, white people have been waking up.  For the first time ever probably, I have seen a lot of responses from my fellow … Continue reading Dear White People; here are some resources


Unpacking Emotions of COVID-19: Disappointment

By Violetta Reum and Morgan Petit-Homme Disappointment (n.): the feeling of sadness or displeasure caused by the non-fulfillment of one’s hopes or expectations. Violetta’s Experience: The implications of COVID-19 have been overwhelming; thousands of people are dying world wide and people are jailed and fined if they are seen congregating outside during lockdown.  In the … Continue reading Unpacking Emotions of COVID-19: Disappointment