About Us

We have always had a heart for seeing other people heal, grow, and encounter God in a new way. We hope Alabaster Offering (AO) is a place where we can all grow in our understanding of ourselves and our Creator, be challenged to pursue healing in places where we are afraid of being vulnerable, and discover a deeper way to follow Jesus. We hope you enjoy reading our musings and thoughts and join us as we try to build a community that pursues the deeper things together. Here we will explore our journeys in Health, Relationships, Healing, and Identity as we strive to glorify God with all aspects of our lives. 

Blessings & Offerings,
Violetta and Morgan
Morgan is a Sociologist with a concentration in Communities and Inequalities and has a minor in Law, Justice and Advocacy. Morgan has always had a compassionate heart, concerned with combating the injustices that many people face in this world. Morgan is passionate about seeing people educated and providing opportunities and spaces for open and honest dialogue. Morgan is a military spouse who enjoys doing creative activities like hand lettering, drawing, and interior designing in her free time. Morgan is also an avid football (soccer) fan.
Violetta is brand new stay-at-home mom living in a new place, who is eager to find community and try to answer deeper questions about identity, healing, relationships, and holistic health. She spent nearly three years working as a missionary in Germany, mainly serving the homeless and refugees. In addition, she has served as an Elder, a movement director, and a bible study leader. In her eight years of following Jesus, Violetta has always had a passion and calling to see people pursue God with their entire lives, find their calling and identity in Jesus, and seek deep healing from past trauma and abuse. She enjoys spending time with her husband and son and discovering all of the coffee shops and hole-in-the-wall restaurants in her new town.