Rest and Release

By Morgan Petit-Homme

There’s a difference between perseverance and being stubborn. 

There is good in persevering and being strong, overcoming the things that have hindered you before; conquering fears and evil. Yes, Paul teaches, even encourages us to persevere. 

But, there is much to be said about stepping away from things that are not good for you or do not benefit you. 

I believe some hurt we experience in life is self-inflicted, self-sabotage. God does not want this for us. 

Allow yourself to be released from circumstances and relationships and the limitations you, your family, and/or society have placed on you.

It is okay to let go.

It is okay to expect, want, and do more. God expects, wants, and has created us for more.

It is okay to let your mind and body rest. Stop being busy. God commanded us to Sabbath.

It is okay to cry. Release all the emotion, tension, and stress you are holding on to. 

Take a deep breath. 

It is okay to say no. If it doesn’t feel right or you just don’t want to.

It is okay to say yes to the things that are good. You are worthy to receive them.

It is okay to take time away, just you, alone.

The stresses of day-to-day living in an ever-changing world (i.e. ‘adulting’ [bills, family, children, etc…], recovering from trauma, etc…) can really take a toll on us. 

I encourage us to lean on our significant others, friends/community, a pastor or mentor, and therapists to help us talk through our emotions. Ask for prayer if you need it and spend time with God, He cares about how you’re feeling. 

Be gentle with and kind to yourself.

You are not perfect, you weren’t meant to be perfect, you will never be or do everything with perfection. 

In Jesus’ name, I release all of us from the pressures we feel and burdens we put on ourselves. Take time to rest in His love and peace this week. Amen.

Author: Morgan Petit-Homme

Morgan has always had a compassionate heart, concerned with combating the injustices that many people face in this world. Morgan is passionate about seeing people educated and providing opportunities and spaces for open and honest dialogue. 

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