Accepting Responsibility

By Morgan Petit-Homme

For a long time I only saw myself as a victim.

I am a victim don’t get me wrong, but I am more than just a victim. In my journey through healing I have acknowledged that, for better or worse I am more than a victim.

My identity and truth amounts to more than this one label.

I am a survivor.

I have been tested mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I have come close to giving up and letting the darkness win, but everyday I chose to live.

I am surviving and thriving thanks to the Creator and my community. I am here, sharing my story as a survivor. Everyday I try to find purpose, to tell a bit of my story or share positivity and hope that the Gospel brings.

I am also a perpetrator of injustice.

This is a truth about human nature that most people who have been deeply wounded don’t want to hear; we are all sinners. We all sin against others, ourselves and God. 

Accepting responsibility is part of healing and growing.

Accepting responsibility is the only way you can own all of your story and find the freedom that knowing your truth can bring. 

Accepting responsibility is not saying that the bad things that people have said and done to you are okay.

Accepting responsibility is acknowledging when you have done something wrong, hurting or harming someone else. 

So the people I’ve negatively impacted, I’m sorry.

I am so very sorry for the people I hurt, confused, and/or misled with my words and actions. I’m so sorry that I was not the person I said I was or the person I said I would be.

Looking back at all the things that I’ve done, I could be ashamed of myself. But I choose freedom.

For a long time I was concerned about how people might view me if they knew this about me. I know it sounds cliche, but the only relationship that truly matters is your relationship with your Creator.

I urge you to live in the freedom God is giving you.

When you live in freedom, you have an opportunity to meet other people whose life you can be a part of transforming. God works in truth, because God is Truth.

In accepting responsibility, we really get to dive deep into what God’s mercy and true forgiveness look like. And you’ll also learn the complexity of your identity, you’ll become more of the person that God created you to be. 

Author: Morgan Petit-Homme

Morgan has always had a compassionate heart, concerned with combating the injustices that many people face in this world. Morgan is passionate about seeing people educated and providing opportunities and spaces for open and honest dialogue. 

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