Safest Place

Your own story is the safest place you’ll ever be.


I was having a really rough week. I was turned off, annoyed and offended by everything and everyone. Bad mood or not, one of the most annoying things to me is listening to the radio. I know it is very Millennial of me to want non-stop entertainment. Nevertheless, as a proud Nineties kid, I always have a CD ready to play in my car. 

…not to look to other people or things

around you, or else

you’ll find yourself

even more lost and confused. 

Luckily, I only keep the best mood-stabilizing CDs in my car. This time, waiting in my player was Echosmith. A lot of their songs on the surface can feel shallow and pop-y. But, if you really take a listen, their lyrics tap into real and raw emotion. The words in their songs pinpoint specific feelings that I’ve felt in every stage of my life. One of my favorite songs is ‘Safest Place’. ‘Safest Place’ talks about searching yourself and your story for Truth; not to look to other people or things around you, or else you’ll find yourself even more lost and confused. 

This past year has taught me this truth that I’ve been singing about for six years! The only way you can and will find freedom is when you dive deep into your hurts, pains, past, failures, victories, etc… 

Other important tools for finding your Truth

1. The Bible

No comment needed.

2. Community

The military life can make it hard to build real, healthy community. Luckily for me, I still have really good friends from my time in Tampa and have virtual community at my fingertips. God made us to live in community, the Bible mentions community a lot, especially in Paul’s writings.

Community sharpens you, prays for you, keeps you accountable, and (I believe) fills the need for ‘belonging’. 

3. Counseling

This is something that can be hard to seek out on your own. If you need help asking for help, do it. The very first time I went to a therapist was when I asked my mom for help. This past year I was forced to go because of a crisis. Don’t let your situation become a crisis, get help ASAP.

I think therapy is important even when you feel “okay” or “normal”. Today’s world is a stressful one to live in.

4. Prayer

Essential to every Christian’s life is prayer.

If you find it hard to pray for yourself ask others to pray for and over you. There were very low valleys in my life this past year and I know that I wouldn’t have made it out if I didn’t reach out to my friends and family to lift me up.

5. Retreat

It is hard to feel like you deserve time to yourself, but you do!

You deserve all the time and space you need to heal, to reflect, and to grow. Every month take a day, every year take a week to reflect, heal, and grow.


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